UX Writing: Writing for User Experience

Words are part of our daily lives.

They’re in our cell phones, computers, and voice assistants. They are the ones who guide us when we buy a piece of clothing online, pay the water bill at the ATM, or call a customer support line. They are a fundamental part of the user experience, just like design and programming.

But to write to our user, we first have to know him. In what context do you use our product? What challenges do you encounter?

Find out what UX Writing is and what its basic principles are. Learn some user research techniques and write for common scenarios such as errors, forms, buttons, or success messages.
All this while sharing experiences and learning from real examples and practical exercises.

Destined for

  • UX writers
  • Copywriters
  • Content writers
  • Journalists
  • Designers
  • Programmers
  • Product Manager
  • Team Leader

…and everyone who wants to know good writing practices for interfaces, starts the practice of UX Writing in their teams or understands the contribution of the UX writer in the various phases of a projec

2 days – 09:30 am to 6 pm

Certificate in digital format.

Course Objectives

  • Raise awareness of the importance of user-centered writing
  • Learn to write for the main components of an interface

  • Understand the user experience journey and different touchpoints

  • Understand the importance of User Research as a starting point

  • Know tools and activities to test what we write



At the moment, we don’t have a defined date for the next UX Writing: writing for user experience. 

If you’re interested in this course, contact us at academy@tangivel.com and we will let you know when enrollment opens.

Sandra Mouta
Sandra Mouta

Head of Training

Meet the team

Maria Miguel Rosmaninho

Maria Miguel Rosmaninho

UX Content Designer

Maria started her career as a UX designer nearly a decade ago. In 2018, the course that she took in Content Design, in London, saw her passion for clear language transform into outright love. She is an instructor for the international UX-PM certification and a Scrabble addict.

Filipa Moreno

Filipa Moreno

UX Writer

Filipa pursued stories in journalism and political communication before moving on to UX writing. Writing for users made her realise that words are the most magical thing ever.

Specialising in usability and user research, he has been dreaming up, designing and testing interfaces for over 15 years now, working on everything from e-learning platforms and clinical software to mobile and voice apps. Vítor is capable of conducting a usability test with one arm tied behind his back.

Vítor Carvalhinho

Vítor Carvalhinho

Usability specialist

A specialist in user research and human factors, what she truly loves is discovering how knowledge can help create solutions to simplify people’s lives. Training professionals with a human-centred approach is the icing on her cake.

Sandra Mouta

Sandra Mouta

Head of Training
José Campos

José Campos

Coordenador pedagógico

After reading the book The Design of Everyday Things, the usability “bug” never stopped growing, and he founded Tangível in 2004. Prior to this, for nearly two decades, his students heard him talk enthusiastically about user experience.

What you will need

Computer or Tablet

Mobile phones are not recommended

Internet connection

Fast and stable, for online courses only


For online courses only


For online courses only

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