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Redesigning retail from the customer's point of view

Through holistic field research and ideation sessions, we helped Worten redesign its delivery and repair services.

Aware of the evolution of market trends, consumers’ behavior and technology, Worten defined an ambitious digital transformation program. More than just focusing on technology to improve and fine-tune its processes, the company wants to dive deeper into its customers’ needs and preferences – and this is where Tangível comes in.

Process and tools

  • Contextual analysis and immersion
  • Service safari
  • Shadowing and contextual interviews with employees
  • Guerrilla interviews with customers
  • Mystery shopping
  • WITS (Walk In Their Shoes)
  • Blueprints of delivery and repair services
  • Flowcharts of main scenarios
  • Customer journeys of main processes
  • Findings and recommendations report
  • Ideation sessions
  • Kano Analysis

The detailed analysis and redesign of all customer touchpoints are key elements of the digital transformation we are implementing at Worten.

Felipe Ferreira
Head of Digital Transformation, Worten

Transform the company to transform customer service

The consistent growth of e-commerce has highlighted the importance of digital channels and all processes related to online sales at Worten. The company realized that there are key moments of interaction with its customers that have a huge impact on brand satisfaction levels. The focus is on these key moments, driving efforts to improve the experience of those who visit or shop at the stores.

Multidisciplinary teams were created within different departments to work as squads on each key moment. This avoided the traditional silo approach and allowed people with different skills and resources to work collaboratively with a common goal in mind – their customers’ experience.

Our Service Design team at Tangível worked alongside two squads, dedicated to two key moments, repair and delivery, to help them gain an in-depth understanding of their processes, artifacts and customers.

What we know, what we think we know and what we don’t know

We started by mapping out the company’s processes from its own point of view. Service blueprints, process flowcharts and customer journeys were created at this point and fine-tuned as the project evolved, with valuable inputs from both the company and the customers.

Considering both front and backstage, we analyzed what happened before, during and after a delivery and a product repair, but this time the squads had to go through the processes from their customers’ point of view. Ideas and quick win suggestions started to arise, but this work served essentially as a basis to define the field research activities. All inputs were categorized under what we know, what we think we know or what we don’t know, to be analyzed and validated (or dismissed) through research in the months that followed.

Tangível took a comprehensive approach right from the start, providing a very detailed analysis of the whole process. They taught us not to jump to solutions before understanding the problems, to validate if they are actually problems and what is their real importance to customers.”

Nuno Couto
Digital Transformation Director, Worten

Analyzing the “voice of the human” – customers, potential customers and employees

Instead of the “voice of the customer”, Service Design focuses on the “voice of the human”. In addition to current and potential customers, it’s essential to include and give voice to employees dealing directly with them, who have the greatest impact on their experience and level of satisfaction with the brand. For three months, our field research focused mainly on these employees and partners of distribution and repair, as well as their processes and work artifacts.

We went through a process of non-participative observation of customers’ and employees’ experiences on the ground, a service safari, followed by shadowing and interviewing employees. These processes led us to a deeper understanding of their realities, considering all aspects of their roles and environment. We also conducted guerrilla interviews with customers who were experiencing issues with the services, recruited mystery shoppers with real challenges related to product repairs, and used the Walk In Their Shoes (WITS) technique to have a more empathetic view of their pain points and needs.

Findings, insights, ideation sessions and initiatives to implement

After presenting the findings and insights report, we facilitated ideation sessions for each key moment, with members of Worten’s multidisciplinary teams. These sessions aimed at finding solutions for both customer and frontline employee related issues.

Additionally, we carried out a Kano Analysis to assess the impact of several initiatives targeted at current and potential customers. These initiatives were categorized as undesired, unimportant, basic expectation, performance and attractive, and the final result was a prioritized list of features to implement, according to their impact on customers.

  • 77 artifacts identified (35 physical and 42 digital)
  • 500 findings (positive points and points of improvement)
  • Detailed files of 200 findings, linked to the blueprint and the flowchart
  • 200 recommendations
  • 44 customer satisfaction initiatives analyzed (Kano Analysis)

Working with Tangível led us to adopt several internal initiatives that focused on our customers, on empathy and experimentation, such as ideation sessions, visits to the work sites and prototyping. We changed our approach to starting our projects with a customer focus, defining prototypes and testing before implementing.”

Nuno Couto
Digital Transformation Director, Worten

This project with Tangível was very important in the early stage of our Transformation program. It allowed us to get to know different tools, to learn how to benefit from the outputs and to gain an integrated perspective.

Plus, their team worked as if they were really a part of ours, very dedicated and flexible, which makes Tangível a privileged partner in this journey.”

Felipe Ferreira
Head of Digital Transformation, Worten

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