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By teaching techniques based on simplicity, clarity, and empathy, we helped elevate the quality of communication and services of the Porto Citizen Portal.

Public administration and public services often involve long, bureaucratic processes that can hinder communication with citizens due to the use of complex language. The Porto City Hall tasked us with creating a tailored UX Writing program for a team of 12 public employee from Porto’s City Hall, who works in one of the main public services touchpoints – “Portal do Munícipe”. The goal is to help these workers communicate in simple, clear, and accessible language to improve communication with citizens.


  • Understand how language impacts the establishment of positive relationships and building trust between citizens and local government;
  • Develop strategies for communicating complex information in a clear and accessible manner for all audiences;
  • Learn best practices for maintaining consistent messaging across various communication channels and touchpoints;
  • Recognize the role of effective communication in improving the quality of public services and making them more accessible to citizens;
  • Explore techniques for adapting communication to different audiences and contexts, including online and offline formats;
  • Learn how to create effective user-centered communication;
  • Emphasize the importance of user experience in building trust and establishing positive relationships between citizens and their local government;
  • Highlight the importance of empathy for public employees to understand users and local communities;

Our mission was to equip the workers from Porto’s Portal do Munícipe with the knowledge needed to create effective, user-centered communication, resulting in more efficient and higher-quality public services for the community. This is essential for building trust and establishing a positive relationship between citizens and their local government. Our program aimed to provide the participants with the necessary tools and skills to serve better the needs of people who visit Portal do Munícipe.

The Before and After

Two citizen-facing teams of 6 participants each enrolled in Tangível’s training program, which proved to be transformative. The training was so effective that the participants noted a clear delineation between their approach to public services before and after completing the program.

There is a time before and after Tangível’s training.”

Câmara Municipal do Porto

Transformation starts with empathy

They reported a significant increase in their ability to provide quality public service by easing some public’s bureaucratic and complex processes, resulting in a positive impact and ultimately simplifying the lives of the citizens they served. This program emphasized the importance of consistent messaging and empathy for public employees to understand users and local communities. 

The training program taught them new skills and provided a fresh perspective on their roles as public employees, inspiring them to approach their work with empathy. As such, the program successfully improved the quality of public services in the community by improvements in the artifacts, processes, and teams that constitute the “Portal do Munícipe”.

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