Our brand

On November 12 2020, World Usability Day, we presented our new brand, a better match to our mission of simplifying people’s lives.

Pioneers and leaders

We felt that it was time to show the world who we really are: pioneers and leaders.

We paved the way for usability and user experience when little was heard about the field. We built our expertise in a unique way in Portugal for 16 years. Now we want to put our country at the forefront of UX.

The essential is invisible to the eye

Our new brand focuses on our essence: when a product or service is truly simple, its use is so natural that the design becomes invisible.

This is the paradox. While the output of our work is invisible to most users, it is absolutely tangible to our customers. The inspiration comes from a well-known Saint-Exupéry’s statement: the essential is invisible to the eye.