Service Designer

Portugal, Full time

In this role, you will work with a multidisciplinary team to help our clients improve their business and services by designing end-to-end solutions. As a Service Designer, you will identify problems and opportunities and create fact-based solutions, with a user-centric design approach. You will also help to facilitate communication between the internal team and the stakeholders, to help manage expectations and ensure the balance between business goals and user needs.


  • Work in collaboration with an internal team and stakeholders;
  • Discover and research services or business ideas;
  • Observe and interview users in the field (this require travelling and time away from the office);
  • Conduct workshops and interviews with stakeholders;
  • Describe key success metrics to measure and communicate results relative to feasibility and desirability;
  • Research the current market, the technology, and the possibilities of “cross-pollination”;
  • Develop and deliver progress reports and presentations, requirements and documentation;
  • Define research findings and map user and service experiences using personas, scenarios, user journeys, and service blueprints;
  • Prototyping physical and digital solutions;
  • Prepare and carry out tests with users.


  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Design, Service Design or Design Thinking;
  • Experience in implementing real projects and services;
  • Holistic approach to projects, expanding and connecting the interdependencies of all service elements;
  • Experience in producing visual results such as customer journey maps, service plans, and storyboards;
  • Experience in conducting convergent and divergent sessions, using affinity diagrams and brainstorming techniques;
  • Ability to moderate trade-offs to balance business needs versus user needs.


To apply for this position, complete the form below or send us an email to, with "Service Designer - Portugal" in the subject line.

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Still not sure that this is the job for you?

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