Lean Design Sprints

Knowing what is the best approach to generate a solution for a problem while building solutions, projects and products is not always simple. Gathering team members in the process to find the best possible solution to a given problem is undoubtedly every team’s goal. Making sure everyone contributes to an ideal solution, gathering different perspectives and assuring every member’s proactive commitment are key success factors.

We might call it Design Sprints or strategic workshops. This 5-day framework developed by Google Ventures has been successfully applied worldwide. We present you with a four-hour alternative which allows you to describe a context and to generate potential solutions for a given problem.   

Whether working in person or in today’s distributed context, where every team member is working remotely, it is possible to obtain results. With several years of experience working with Portuguese unicorns and multinational companies, lecturers will teach some of the principles (context, ideation and decision) by illustrating real examples and providing practical exercises as well as techniques to a apply this framework, which was developed to produce big results without compromising a week of your team’s work.

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December 15th

Lean Design Sprints Workshop

Remote live training
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Who is it for?

Professionals from any career background

… with or without prior experience in UX, from project managers to product leads, developers, researchers, marketing managers, etc.

1 day – 10:00am to 5:00pm

If requested, we may generate a digital certificate of participation

Course’s goals

  • Understanding key concepts in Design Thinking applied to product and projects
  • Learn the main steps of a strategic workshop (from problem to solution)
  • Practical experimentation (with a simulation) of the methodology
  • Understand the benefits of bringing together the team’s multiple expertise from the beginning
  • Equip participants to learn how to moderate and lead the process with their organizations or clients



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Sandra Mouta
Sandra Mouta

Head of Training

Conheça a equipa

Xavier Martins

Product Manager

Xavier is a Product Designer turned into Product Manager at Sensei. He is passionate about helping create customer-centered products that fulfil both users and business goals. He specializes in bridging research practices with strategic product objectives, leveraging informed design decisions based on quantitative and qualitative data. His experience in bringing people’s knowledge into the discovery and design process through productive work practices has helped companies bring measurable customer experience value to their businesses.

Ricardo Luiz

Product management leader

Ricardo is a Product Management Leader with a passion for helping teams to develop meaningful and useful solutions while growing and scaling. He has spent most of his time managing teams, getting on calls with clients, discussing strategy with the C suite and other managers, while also getting hands-on work done. Loves to work under pressure and to be able to see clearly through the fog of “everything is urgent” — most of the times urgent is not important. He has helped multiple teams to set up practices and processes that allow meaningful products, services and experiences to be delivered worldwide. He is all about People, Product and Process.

What you will need

Computer or Tablet

Mobile phones are not recommended

Internet connection

Fast and stable, for online courses only


For online courses only


For online courses only

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